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The best in the world compete with themselves, continually trying to be the beat their best. They shift their vision to creating success for others, and their success becomes massive. They locate the best and learn everything they can from them. They know there's not short cut, it will take more time and more effort -- it's a mission and purpose, not a career. On the Create Your Own Life Show, I interview the best in the world from NYT Bestsellers to Super Bowl Champions to Billionaires. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I interview the best, unpack in and help you to Create Your Own Life.
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Apr 18, 2016

Ben Schemper’s quest for adventure brings a richness and a humanity to the Epic Culture. He has been a top 1% sales Manager in every position he has held. He is an over achiever, a lover of people and has a passion for seeing epic’s clients have thriving sales forces. Ben is the creator of the Epic Influence training system for Sales Management.

Ben works with the top performer and influencers in the world of business and sales, taking them to higher levels of success than ever imagined, through his philosophy of total immersion to quickly create the transformation for an Epic Impact.


In this Episode:

  • How to develop an entrepreneurial edge.
  • How to turn your obstacles into your path
  • How crush it in direct sales.
  • How immersive learning can be the game changer.
  • How to be open to receiving leadership.
  • Spending a year with Tony Robbins.
  • Quantifying self-investment.
  • How to create influence.
  • How to get to the next level.


Ben's Favorite Book:

Ben's Favorite Quote:
"I only work with and consider the energy of Transformation." — Donny Epstein

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Apr 15, 2016
Jenn Scalia is the founder of Million Dollar Mommy, a private business consulting company that shows female entrepreneurs how to build a profitable service based business online. She has grown her business rapidly from $0-$500k in two years and her story has been covered in Business Insider and It is because of Jenn's success in online marketing that she was able to see a 1400% growth one year in her business with over 700 paying clients in her programs and courses. Jenn's goal is to help an additional 1,000 female entrepreneurs build a profitable business online by the end of 2016.

In This Episode:

  • How to handle a layoff.
  • How to build a business as a single mother.
  • How to hack your schedule to create more time.
  • How to deal with other's opinions of you.
  • How mindset is your most powerful weapon.
  • How to succeed as an introvert.
  • How to hack productivity.
  • Is Snapchat a distraction?


Jenn's Favorite Book:

Jenn's Favorite Quote:
"In order to become anything, you must risk being nothing."

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Apr 12, 2016

Calvin Wayman is a social media entrepreneur. He’s also a sought-after speaker, owner of a social media management agency, host of Millionaire Case Study, and creator of the Periscope Pro Course.

After quitting his day-job to pursue his dream of working for himself, Calvin relocated from Salt Lake City to sunny Southern California. He sold solar systems door-to-door to pay the bills and fund his online business. Calvin’s passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their business by taking advantage of modern tools and technology.


In This Episode:

  • How to Plan the Destination of your goal.
  • How to determine what business will get you to your goal.
  • The employee to entrepreneur process.
  • What most entrepreneurs leave out of their story.
  • Getting over the fear of transition to full-time entrepreneur.
  • The value in finding the right mentor.
  • The value in live events.
  • Why Periscope is such an important platform.
  • The 4 things your Social Media needs to be successful.
  • Adding the human element to social media.

Calvin's Favorite Quote:
"The most successful people do not worry if they made the right decision. They make a decision then they make it right." — Nick Unsworth

"Done is better than perfect."

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Periscope Pro Course

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Apr 11, 2016

Aaron Anastasi is a Southern California native who graduated with a master’s degree from Princeton where he studied philosophy and psychology.

He’s also a serial entrepreneur with online businesses such as Superior Songwriting Method, Signing Success, and the internationally recognized, Superior Singing Method, an online singing lesson program that grosses seven-figures annually.

Aaron also has the #1 singing/life lesson channel on YouTube with nearly 10,000,000 organic views and over 100,000 subscribers.

Having a love for adventure, he was a pro snowboarder in Vail, Colorado, scaled Glacier Lake mountains in Bolivia, and cut pathways through the jungles of Contagem, Brazil.

Along with being a Los Angeles based actor and filmmaker, Aaron is also a prominent success coach for clients in industry-leading roles, ranging from film directors to marine biologists to TEDx speakers. His new book, The Voice of Your Dreams, is scheduled for release in March, 2016.


Apr 7, 2016

Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times bestselling author and modern-day explorer. During a lifetime of self-employment that included a four-year commitment as a volunteer executive in West Africa, he visited every country in the world (193 in total) before his 35th birthday. Since then he has modeled the proven definition of an entrepreneur: “Someone who will work 24 hours a day for themselves to avoid working one hour a day for someone else.”

Chris’s first book, The Art of Non-Conformity, was translated into more than twenty languages. His second book, The $100 Startup, was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, selling more than 300,000 copies worldwide. His latest book, The Happiness of Pursuit, was published in September 2014 and was also a New York Times bestseller.

Every summer in Portland, Oregon, Chris hosts the World Domination Summit, a gathering of creative, remarkable people with thousands in attendance. Chris is also the founder of Pioneer Nation, Unconventional Guides, the Travel Hacking Cartel, and numerous other projects.

Chris' Favorite Quote:
"You don't have to live your life the way that other people Expect."

Chris' Favorite Book:

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Apr 5, 2016

Amanda Bayerle is a health coach for busy entrepreneurs, the host of the How Bad Do I Want It Podcast and creator of Everyday Fit Entrepreneur. Her and her husband have been helping men and women transform their health and fitness over the last 4 years and have been featured in Oxygen and Their podcast hit #7 in all of New and Noteworthy and inspires others to make their dreams a reality. Amanda works with startup and top level entrepreneurs to get fit fast, boost their energy and confidence, and gain mental clarity.

Nicholas is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet. Growing up, he knew being an entrepreneur was in his blood. From pursuing professional sports to starting a lawn care business at age 9 to going door to door promoting his dad’s company, he loved the aspect of growing something. Nicholas also attended Bethel School of Ministry and has traveled to 9 different countries. He currently helps run a carpet cleaning/flooring installation company in San Diego. He has the gifts of counseling, coaching, and customer service. Nicholas carries the mission of The True Challenge by his continued motivation, hard work, and passion for seeing his goals happen.

Nicholas & Amanda's Favorite Quote:
"You can either make excuses or make results, but you can't make both." - Dani Johnson

Nicholas & Amanda's Favorite Book:

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Apr 4, 2016

As Senior Vice President for a Fortune 500 firm Kelly Roach has consistently grown teams and divisions by between 50–300% in profit year after year. With 7 promotions in 8 years, Kelly is an expert in creating record breaking growth in productivity and profitability.

Kelly has an uncanny ability to help businesses work smarter, not harder and design an unstoppable results machine that virtually eliminates the competition. By teaching leaders how to incorporate empowered decision-making and intention-based management, Kelly’s clients are equipped to thrive in any economy.

Kelly helps teams and organizations eliminate weeks, months, and even years from their timeline for success.

Kelly is a thought leader when it comes to the link between exercise, empowerment, and exponential business growth. As a former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader, Kelly brings a dynamic, engaging and motivating style to all of her transformational programs.

Kelly's latest books is called "Unstoppable Success," where she seeks to share her secrets of success and her path of how she made it go right! Kelly wants you to be unstoppable too!


Kelly's Favorite Quote:
"Be the best that you can be in everything that you do!"

Kelly's Favorite Book:

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Mar 31, 2016

Shawn Thomas is a lifestyle entrepreneur focused on contributing to the world through mentoring, coaching and philanthropy. After the multi-million dollar sale of his company, Shawn has embarked on the next chapter in his life—to share the business and lessons he has learned along the way.

As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Shawn has the freedom and flexibility to work around things he is passionate about without the worry or stress of earning an income. And tens of thousands of followers from all the over world tune in to see how he has created his success.

In 2002, he started what became his first successful business venture, Uniguest. Uniguest began as a 1-man operation from his house in Memphis, TN to today being a successful company in Nashville, TN. Uniguest saw rapid growth and achieved Inc. 500 status, a dream of many entrepreneurs.

Shawn mentors by sharing his experiences and answering questions under the name Ask A MillionaireTM. This is his way of mentoring as many people as possible. And hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world tune in to hear and engage in Shawn's social media channels.

Shawn's Favorite Quote:
"Together we can accomplish more than we ever would by ourselves."

Shawn's Favorite Book:

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Mar 30, 2016

Kyle Gray was working as a Study Abroad advisor at the University of Utah. It was a decent job, but he had a dream I wanted to fulfill.

He had heard about people building personal brands and small businesses online. These businesses let them travel the world and work at the same time, and it was something he wanted for himself.

After spending 2 years as an advisor he knew how the university worked, and he wanted to learn about starting a business. So he took on a few student jobs and too on an interdisciplinary degree that offered flexible course options and the ability to customize it.

He used his knowledge as an advisor of the resources available to students to invite speakers to the university to build his network. He also did much of the early research and skill building for his business by leveraging the title of “Student” and calling up businesses mentioning he was a student doing research and wanted to learn more about them.

He came across the Foundry in his final year, and was connected with a group of students that all had similar goals. They were able to help each other grow their businesses, connect with the community of entrepreneurs in SLC, and work together to build their brands.

Upon graduating he had a business and was actually hired to teach at the Foundry for a few months, before he traveled to Asia and started working with another startup called WP Curve.

Kyle's Favorite Quote:
"Accept the discomfort."

Kyle's Favorite Book:

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Mar 28, 2016

James Kyson was voted by TV Guide as "Hollywood's 25 Hottest", he recently finished filming NCIS:LA (CBS), the new HBO show Animals, the new sitcom School of Rock (Nickelodeon), and recurring on the FX drama Justified. He also recently finished Hawaii Five-O on CBS, and a 4-year run on NBC's Heroes as 'Ando'.

James will be in two feature films released later this year: Another Time (Romantic Comedy), and The Livingston Gardener (Thriller). He also recently wrapped the feature Take Off (fka Banana Season), where he had to train as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter for six weeks.

A native of NYC, James graduated from Bronx H.S. of Science, then went on to study communications & broadcasting at Boston University, & New England Institute of the Arts.

After a stint in a hip-hop group in college, and trying out improv comedy, James moved to LA on a one-way ticket & a single suitcase, where he began his training in music, dance, and acting.

His first ever Television audition landed him on CBS's J.A.G. Other TV credits include CSI, NBC's Las Vegas, the West Wing, Heist, as well as ABC's Threat Matrix, & CW's All about the Andersons.

A world traveler & adrenalin-junkie, James once bungee jumped 8 times in one day in Cairns, Australia, slid down waterfalls in Queenstown, New Zealand, scuba dived into caves in Maui, Hawaii, and deep water solo'ed at the island of Ko Phi Phi, Thailand - where he back-flipped for the first time 50 feet high off a limestone cliff. He & his wife Jamee also just ran the 2016 LA Half Marathon.

James plays basketball for The Hollywood Knights, a charity celebrity team, and participated in Robbie Williams' Soccer Aid for UNICEF, at Manchester United's Old Trafford in England. He is also an Ambassador for the International Organization Good Neighbors, and their Water for Life campaign.

James' Favorite Quote:
"Today's ceiling is tomorrow's floor."

James' Favorite Book:

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Mar 25, 2016

Justin Christianson was looking for a way to be free, it was journey that eventually led him to making money online. He learned processes from the ground up, beginning in network marketing recruiting, leading to affiliate marketing and eventually info products. He became a student of the science of why offers convert, and why they don't. It was from this experience that he founded Conversion Fanatics.

Justin is the best selling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to double your customers, sales and profits with A/B testing and is a 13 year veteran of digital marketing having worked on hundreds of profitable campaigns. A self proclaimed numbers junky with a firm belief that the numbers don’t lie, has a knack for finding holes in marketing campaigns and offering simple solutions to quickly plug them, effectively improving the results.

An avid student of marketing and business, he firmly believes that you must continue to improve daily in order to stay ahead and succeed.


Mar 22, 2016

Dennis Mangan had hit bottom, his body was failing him, he was recently informed that he has chronic fatigue syndrome. He visited doctor after doctor, but did not receive that problem solving that he had hoped to find. However Dennis had a leg up on everyone else, he had an extensive background in the sciences. After prolonged research, he discovered a link between Chronic fatigue in distance runners like himself: Iron. 

After realizing the issue with his body, Dennis realized that "Dumping Iron," from his diet would be the way to fix his body. After doing so, Dennis saw rapid changes in his heath, and at age 60, is the pinnacle of fitness. He took what he learned, and authored his latest book: "Dumping Iron," after he found that not only was there a link between Iron and chronic fatigue but a whole host of issues as well.

Dennis wanted to share his new found health and fitness with the world and therefore, he created Rogue Health and Fitness. He educates others on natural means of rehabbing their bodies, and creating the body of their dreams.


Dennis' Favorite Quote:
"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." -Henry David Thoreau


Dennis' Favorite Book:
Maximum Achievement: Strategies and Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed


Link's From Today's Show:
Dumping Iron: How to Ditch This Secret Killer and Reclaim Your Health

Mar 21, 2016

Caleb Maddix is 14 years old. He is the Author of best selling, “Keys to Success for Kids,” founder of Kids 4 Success and Kids with a Mission. Caleb is a sought after Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, as well as Co-Host of Maddix Motivations and Host of “Keys to Success for Kids.”

Caleb has been seen with such entrepreneurs as Grant Cardone, Brendon Burchard and Gary Vaynerchuck. He has been a guest on Cardone's "Power Players," and frequent guest on all things Cardone.

In his first year in business, Caleb has cleared $75,000 and has a goal of being a millionaire by 16 and billionaire by 30. Caleb proves that age has no effect on success, but rather the drive to make it happen.

Caleb lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his dad, Matt Maddix. Caleb is on a Mission to motivate and educate kids across the world as well as end childhood obesity.


Caleb's Favorite Quote:
"The Gun that kills most people is the Gunna."


Caleb's Favorite Book:
The Success Principles(TM) - 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be


Link's From Today's Show:
Keys To Success For Kids

Mar 18, 2016

Travis Dillard hasn't lived out of a car, begged for money or eaten garbage scraps, In fact, he was very blessed with a supportive family and a great education. That being said…

It made it very easy to just let life pass hum by. After all, everything was “okay”.


Well, this road to mediocrity eventually led him to a dark place. He was skinny, yet fat in all the wrong places. You know, the type with frail looking legs but a soft, pudgy upper body. The guy who was too embarrassed to take his shirt off at the pool. Yep, that was him.

Given the way he looked and felt about himself, he was lost, insecure and anxious about his future.

Even worse, he was tired, out of shape, and lacked any real focus.

The Turning Point
A long story short, he made a drastic change to force himself in the right direction…he got in shape and started a business.

Was the change easy? No. Was it SIMPLE? Yes. After becoming obsessed with personal development and finding success as a entrepreneur, Travis began to see the missing link in most people’s journey to better health and a better body. He found that high achievers who recognize health as the most important resource in their business, relationships and in life do not have a problem losing the weight. They struggle to keep it off. He's spoken with hundreds of well-seasoned, financially successful business owners who are aware of the changes that need to be made, and WANT balance, but lack structure, and let their business control them.


Travis' Favorite Quote:
"Most of us have two lives, the life that we live and the unlived life within us; and between the two stand resistance" - Steven Pressfield


Travis' Favorite Book:
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles


Links From Today's Show:
The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)

Mar 16, 2016

Victor Salinas is a a true rags to riches story. He grew up in the countryside of Brazil, and moved to Sao Paulo as a youth. He always wanted to come to America and eventually achieved that dream. Came from a very poor family, manage to go to the US and lived in CA for 7 years, came back to Brazil in 2007 and then became the General Manager for a multinational IT company and responsible for over U$25M revenue in one year.

Victor is a business consultant increasing companies revenue in over 300% in the current critical scenario of the brazilian economy using L. Ron Hubbard Management Technology. He is a former executive for an iconic brazilian IT company, in addition to being an international Speaker.

Victor is a Sales specialist, because he truly understands communication and how to best service a customer. He went from making $20.000/year in 2010 to a 6 figure annual salary, all in the same year. He quit what most people thought was a secure job, to depend on true security, himself, to share his knowledge with others.


Victor's Favorite Quote:
"Any stops that you have, come from failed purposes." -LRH


Victor's Favorite Book:
Science of Survival
Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose
The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure


Links From Today's Show:


Mar 15, 2016

About Ryan
Ryan Hansen came from the Marine Corps to start his own CrossFit business. His interest in fitness progressed over the years to powerlifting and eventually ending up in CrossFit. He loves the team atmosphere and for him is something reminiscent of being in the Marines.

Ryan has a need to help people, and from there it led his to want to own a Cross Fit box. He sees CrossFit as a way to truly help people in a way that will change their lives.

He puts a lot of stress on his athletes supporting their bodies with whole food, because if the body is fueled properly, it shouldn't need a lot of the extra additives. He's also very intentional with the form and physical practices of his athletes.


Ryan's Favorite Quote:
"Love your life or change it," John Norse, Attitude Nation


Ryan's Favorite Book:
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action


Links from Today's Show:
Charles Poloquin on kettle bell training

Cross Fit Warwick

Ryan Hansen Cross Fit Games

Mar 14, 2016

Harry Campbell started the started in 2014, he was a full time aerospace engineer and part-time Uber, Lyft and Sidecar driver.  He actually discovered rideshare as a passenger back in 2012 but it wasn’t until he moved from San Diego up to Orange County that he decided to give it a try as a driver.

He started driving for Lyft and Uber in early 2014 because it sounded like a fun, flexible way to earn extra income.  Some people found it odd that he was driving in his spare time since he had a good career as an engineer but he had always been a huge fan of diversifying your income.

It’s easy to get complacent working the same job day in and day out but when you’re working for someone else, you’re never really in control of your own destiny, no matter how safe you might feel.  And that’s what he liked so much about being a rideshare driver.

You’ve probably heard the cliche radio ads that say “Be Your Own Boss” and “Set Your Own Hours” but the funny thing is that being a rideshare driver really is a lot like running your own mini-business.  And as any business owner can tell you, running a business is very rewarding but it’s also a lot of work and there are a ton of challenges that you will face.

He quickly realized that there’s actually a lot more to driving than just getting people safely from Point A to Point B.  After his first weekend of driving, he sat down at his computer and started looking for blogs, resources or online communities of rideshare drivers.  He was shocked at the lack of what he found.  There was nothing other than a few Facebook groups that had a bunch of newbies like myself asking all the same questions!

After a week or so of hopelessly searching for information, he decided to take matters into his own hands and The Rideshare Guy was born.  He knew that there were lots of drivers with the same questions he had and he figured that if he could provide an authoritative resource with good information, he would be able to help out a few of his fellow drivers.  But he had no idea just how many people needed help!


Harry's Favorite Quote:
"Life is all about prioritization, if something is important, you'll make time for it."


Harry's Favorite Book:
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

Snow Crash


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Mar 10, 2016

Andrew O'Brien is the founder of the media company, Patefactus. He began his career as a public speaker in 2013. He had no clue about how to run a business or how to get on media. 3 short years later, he has become the most requested speaker in his field and has traveled all over the world speaking. He have made well over 6 figures, on his way to 7. This is all thanks to his media exposure. Without all of the media he received, he wouldn't be where he is today. Andrew has been featured on over 70 media stations around the world. Before being featured on so much media, he was only charging $2,000 per speaking engagement (that included travel and lodging in that fee.)

Exactly one year later...  His fee increased to $5,000 plus travel and lodging.  The best part... he was not only charging more, but he was getting more clients.  Andrew did all of this without spending a dime on a PR firm or agency.  After so much media coverage, he started to learn more about the industry and came up with his own ways of getting more coverage.  Now, Mr. O'Brien doesn't have to reach out to media any longer on that side of business.  It has gotten to the point where high-scale media is contacting him instead.  This is what he teaches.  Andrew teach individuals how to get to the point that high scale media is chasing, instead of you chasing them.


Andrew's Favorite Quote:
"You can either quote world changers, or be the world changer than people quote."


Andrew's Favorite Book:
The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage


Links From Today's Show:

Mar 8, 2016

Noah St. John is a keynote speaker and best-selling author who’s famous for inventing Afformations and helping busy people achieve financial freedom.

His sought-after advice is known as the “secret sauce” in personal and business growth.

According to Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Noah St. John’s work is about discovering within ourselves what we should have known all along – we are truly powerful beings with unlimited potential.”

Noah’s dynamic and down-to-earth speaking style always gets high marks from audiences. As the leading authority on how to eliminate limiting beliefs, Noah delivers live programs and online courses that have been called “the only training that FIXES every other training!”

He also appears frequently in the news worldwide, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The Hallmark Channel, National Public Radio, Parade, Woman’s Day, Los Angeles Business Journal, The Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Selling Power,, and The Huffington Post.


Noah's Favorite Quote:
"Give yourself permission to succeed."


Noah's Favorite Book:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change


Links From Today's Show:

Get Noah's FREE eBook HERE

Mar 6, 2016

Elliott Hulse is a name synonymous with success, and YouTube. He created content for almost 4 years, before really making it big on YouTube. Long before he was an internet personality, he was the owner of Strength Camp Gym. His only purpose in creating video content, was to promote and sell memberships to his gym.

On a dare from a friend, Elliott turned ads on his YouTube channel, and created an income of $10,000 in his first month. From there, he pushed down the gas, and went from making a video when he felt like, to one everyday. Elliott structured his videos in question and answer format, and made it his mission to answer questions in the most creative way he could find; a true artist.

More than being just a YouTube video creator, Elliott is a true student of philosophy; putting what he reads into action. He then forwards that information to his viewers, creating true inspiration in a metaphorical verse.

Elliott is also the author of the Best-Seller, "The King," about helping others channel their inner king. Rather than just give more of the motivation for which he is famous, he wanted to give people a roadmap to really achieving their dreams.


Elliott's Favorite Quote:
"Every action is measured by the sentiment which is precedes." 


Elliott's Favorite Book:
The Language of the Body
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine
Iron John: A Book about Men


Links From Today's Show:

Mar 3, 2016

Brad Lomenick has had an interesting journey, and many seasons in his life. Brad spent the early part of his 20's as a cowboy. He transitioned to consulting businesses, and by a twist of fate, met leadership author, John Maxwell. Brad was part of a movement of young, go getters, inspired by John, and from there went on to start Catalyst.

Brad is one of the forefront speakers on leadership, and the author of H3 Leadership: Stay Hungry, Stay Humble, Always Hustle. Brad views leadership as a stool, which can never stand without developing each leadership trait necessary to really excel. He believes that identity and what season a person is currently in, are two forces that function separately; a person's self definition should not be tied to what they are doing.

H3 Leadership is the future, and Brad is at the forefront of helping you leaders truly excel.


Brad's Favorite Quote:
"Stay Hungry, Stay Humble, Always Hustle."


Brad's Favorite Books:
The Bible
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You (10th Anniversary Edition)EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches


Links from Today's Show:
H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.

Mar 2, 2016

Omar loves rooting for the underdog and telling it like it is. He is the business brains behind the operation with over 14 years of business building experience. An educator & university manager for 13 years. Omar attended Wharton business school and dropped out in frustration to build The $100 MBA. They're on a mission to revolutionize business education forever. Omar is the curriculum developer, content creator & head instructor at The $100 MBA. He also loves 80's music & high-fives.

The $100 MBA Show is an iTunes Best of 2014 podcast where you simply get better at business with our daily 10-minute business lessons for the real world. These no fluff, 10-minute episodes are packed with only the business building training you want. Lessons, concepts, examples and insights right out of our $100 MBA training and community. Fast Company named The $100 MBA Show as one of the 8 business podcasts that shouldn't be missed.


Omar's Favorite Quote:
"Whether you believe it or not, you are right." —Henry Ford


Omar's Favorite Book:
Anyone Can Do It: Building Coffee Republic from Our Kitchen Table - 57 Real Life Laws on Entrepreneurship


Links From Today's Show:
The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph

Feb 29, 2016

Taylor is an entrepreneur and author of The End of Jobs . rated The End of Jobs one of the Top Three ‘Start Your Own Business’ Books of 2015 and a Top 25 Business Book of 2015. WSJ Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur James Altucher said of it:

“Entrepreneurship is not a choice you can make at your leisure. You have to jump on the train or lose your chance. Now is the time and Taylor’s book describes exactly how to do it.”

Taylor believes that the economy is changing rapidly, but when the future looks back on the 20th century, it will be an anomaly. Entrepreneurship is becoming more attainable and almost a better choice than getting a job. Its in interesting viewpoint; you build a resume so that you can beg for a job. Rather, you can truly create something for yourself, and in this new economy, we will see the true return of the craftsman economy.

A former Brazilian Super Bowl champion, Taylor has lived in Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam and Thailand.


Taylor's Favorite Quote:
The Iron Prescription: "Whenever you feel that some person or some situation is ruining your life, it is actually you that us ruing your life. Feeling like a victim is a perfectly disastrous way to go through life." I- Charlie Munger


Taylor's Favorite Book:
Man's Search for Meaning


Link's From Today's Show:
Finite and Infinite Games
The End of Jobs: Money, Meaning and Freedom Without the 9-to-5

Feb 26, 2016

Hung Pham seemed to have it all, he graduated college in 2004, but a bad break up set him back. He thought this girl was the one, but after 2 years realized that things were not as he thought.

To deal with the pain he turned to gambling, which turned into gambling addiction. Saturdays started at 8 AM  and ended at midnight, he gambled on everything, and it lasted over 8 years.

The money was just one part of it, the toughest part of that dealing with himself, he was too proud, never needed help; he developed thoughts of suicide. He was in a thriving career in high tech, no one knew.

Hung handled his problem but was in 50k worth of debt. It was too much to save his way out, and he had to get creative. Started online digital marketing, for dentists, took a lot courses online would sell services to implement learning how to do it, moved back home, paid off 50k in 3 years!

Hung attended a lot of events, met Patrick King, who got him into writing. He was doing events to teach lean startup to entrepreneurs, and from there developed the Culture Summit.


Hung's Favorite Quote:
"Potential and talent is useless if you don't create good habits for yourself."


Hung's Favorite Book:
Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller - Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century


Links From Today's Show:
The Compound Effect

Feb 24, 2016

Patrick Valtin has been a business consultant for over 27 years. He has found time and again that finding the right people is the biggest struggle of the business owner. Mr. Valtin has an extensive experience in the fields of Management consulting, training & coaching, and this on an international basis. His specialties as a consultant extend from recruitment to sales and sales management, leadership, organization and corporate strategy.

Mr. Valtin has traveled in more than 30 countries over the last 20 years and has trained more than 85,000 people in the areas of recruitment, sales, marketing, Human Resources Development, organization and leadership.
Patrick Valtin was an International Business consultant for the Belgian Government between 1986 and 1988. Looking for an effective way to help small business owners, he then started U-MAN Belgium in 1988. The company soon became a leader in its field and remains today the biggest training company for small businesses in the country.

In the last 27 years Patrick has made clients and seminar attendees from every imaginable industry, from growing businesses to multi-national corporations (USPS, Ford Motors, GM Motors, BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Toyota, Motorola, AIG, IBM, Remax, Century 21, ATT Canon, France Telecom, Hotels Accor, etc…)

Patrick's Favorite Quote:
"A leader is one who serves others." - LRH

Patrick's Favorite Book:
The Alchemist

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