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The best in the world compete with themselves, continually trying to be the beat their best. They shift their vision to creating success for others, and their success becomes massive. They locate the best and learn everything they can from them. They know there's not short cut, it will take more time and more effort -- it's a mission and purpose, not a career. On the Create Your Own Life Show, I interview the best in the world from NYT Bestsellers to Super Bowl Champions to Billionaires. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I interview the best, unpack in and help you to Create Your Own Life.
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Jul 29, 2016

There’s a distinct difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner. They are two distinctly different people and today we dive into what makes them so different and society view them as just a tiny bit crazy.

Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur? Take pride in what you are, but figure it out and operate honestly as it.

In This Episode:
  • Outlook
  • Delegating
  • Decision Making
  • Freedom
Jul 27, 2016

Aaron Walker is a veteran entrepreneur as well as a Life and Business Coach in Nashville, TN. He started his first business at 18 and sold it to a Fortune 500 company nine short years later.  Unwilling to rest on past success alone, Aaron started, bought, and sold eight successful companies over the past 36 years. Having a strong desire for personal development has kept Aaron in a weekly mastermind group with other notable Nashvillians for more than a decade.

Today, Aaron spends the majority of his time helping men grow in success and significance as President and Founder of View from the Top, a premier life and business coaching resource.

In This Episode:
  • Getting started young.
  • What to do to really expand.
  • Dealing with personal struggle.
  • The Value in a mastermind.

Aaron’s Favorite Quote:
“Fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure.”

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Jul 25, 2016

Jonathan Mead is a day-job elimination coach that helps people create businesses they can conduct from anywhere. He’s passionate about helping people say sayonara to dead-end work and start creating lives of freedom while serving the world with their true talents.

Jonathan worked for years at what he termed “survival jobs” while building his own business that would eventually support his freedom. Because of his first-hand experience in the corporate grind, he’s intimately familiar with the frustration and despair that many face in similar circumstances.

He’s been featured as an expert in many publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, Copyblogger, Zen Habits and Fast Company.

He’s a martial artist, trailrunner and lives with his wife Ev’Yan in Portland, Oregon. The current project that his is focusing on is called “The Uncaged Man,” where is focusing on bringing men back to their aggressive roots — he feels that society has pulled men away from what actually makes them manly.

In This Episode:
  • How do you wake up to your passion?
  • Dealing with your path being chosen for you.
  • Living life by interest.
  • Getting clarity with what your gifts are.
  • What has society done to manliness?
  • How can re-wilding your life make a positive effect?

Jonathan’s Favorite Quote:
“The master in the art of living drawers no line between his labor and his leisure, his mind and body, his work and his play, his eduction and his recreation, he draws no distinction, he hardly knows which. He pursues his excellence in whatever he is doing, and leaves others to decide if he is working or playing; to himself he is always dong both.” — James Mitchner

Jonathan’s Favorite Books:
Iron John: A Book about Men

Jul 22, 2016

Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses: Fresh out of college, he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now, he runs VaynerMedia–one of the world’s hottest social media-first digital agencies. Along the way, Gary became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M investment fund.
Gary was named to both Fortune and Crain’s 40 under 40 lists in the past year, has been profiled in the New York Times, Fortune and Inc. magazines, and is frequently sought to share his expertise on CNN, BloombergTV, CNBC, and many more.

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Jul 19, 2016

In addition to being one of the highest rated keynote speakers in America, Hal is the #1 best-selling author of one of the highest rated books in the world (with over 1,500+ five-star Amazon reviews), The Miracle Morning and creator of The Miracle Morning book series.

He is also a Hall of Fame business achiever, ultra-marathon runner (that’s 52 consecutive miles), host of the top rated Achieve Your Goals podcast, creator of the Best Year Ever [Blueprint] live event, and grateful husband & father of two.

Known as “Yo Pal Hal” since his mom gave him the moniker to use while hosting his first radio show at age 15, his greatest triumph came at age 20 after he was hit head on by a drunk driver (at 70 mph) and found dead at the scene…

Despite being dead for 6 minutes, in a coma for 6 days, breaking 11 bones and being told he may never walk again, Hal defied the logic of doctors and the temptations to be a victim, and he bounced back to prove that ALL of us are capable of overcoming extraordinary adversity to create extraordinary results in our personal and professional lives.

In This Episode:
  • Having accountability in sales.
  • The importance in having a positive attitude.
  • The five minute rule for being upset
  • What to do when you business reverses direction.
  • How becoming a morning person can change your life.

Hal’s Favorite Quote:
Who you are depends entirely on where you were and where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be.”

Jul 18, 2016

Greg Walker was born and raised on the south side of Columbus, Ohio. He is the only one of fifteen children to ever Graduate High School. Greg was living in a drug infested, alcoholic, and domestic violent environment. Greg has overcome many obstacles and yet accomplished so much more. Coming from a family of failures, Greg was always teased and labeled as a slow learner, he was asked to drop out of high school on his very first day, just because his twelve siblings dropped out before him. He refused to drop out and graduated high school because of a loving teacher, he then attended The University of Florida. Greg pursued his Dreams, even though everyone around him laughed and called him “The Big Dreamer”. 

Greg became a Millionaire at a young age, he accomplished this through changing his mindset and becoming a Successful Entrepreneur by owning three National Franchises and a Master Developer of one of them. Greg was voted Business Person of the Year, he became an Award Winning National Motivational Speaker at the age of forty-eight. Recently, he spoke at the Twitter/Periscope Summit in San Francisco California. “I speak all over the world and I have Never heard a better Inspiration Motivational Speaker like Greg “The Big Dreamer” Walker.”- Murray Newlands of Forbes. Greg is also a Success Coach and a forth coming Best Selling Author. As an expert on Leadership & Success, he is known for his burst of excitement and allows his life to be an open book from which radiates dynamic and inspiring messages that many people across all barriers relate to. Greg is known as “The Big Dreamer,” “Changing Lives by Changing Minds!” Greg will inspire you and your crowd to achieve all your Dreams or Visions. 

In This Episode:
  • Dealing with a hard upbringing
  • Finding a mentor even when you don’t think you need one
  • why you need to take action
  • How everyone has some ability to get a shot.
  • The power in deep work
  • The power in being a big dreamer

Greg’s Favorite Quote:
“How can you catch your dreams if you’re not chasing them?”


Jul 15, 2016

Positive Failure  enough weight to fail because its too heavy, but not because the muscle is tired but because it fails to have the power to lift a heavier weight. The is centered around an approach of at least 4 but no more than 6 reps.

Linear Progression: This is a complicated way of saying to make the weight just a bit heavier, each week. Over time, the muscle will grow.

Rest: workouts should only be about 3 days a week, and workouts need to be 30 minutes or less.

Food: eat clean all the time and you will grow. Eat like crap, look like crap.

Volume Sets: German volume training, instead of 10 sets of 10, its 5 sets of ten, or the last one may be 6-8 Combine that with linear progression and rest pauses. I had a client do this combo and gain 18lbs of muscle in a month.

Jul 12, 2016

Kevin Harrington has been a successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years. He is an Original Shark on the ABC hit, Emmy winning TV show, “Shark Tank.” He is also the Inventor of the Infomercial, As Seen On TV Pioneer, Co- Founder of the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA) and Co- Founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

Kevin has launched over 20 businesses that have grown to over $100 million in sales each, has been involved in more than a dozen public companies, and has launched over 500 products generating more than $5 billion in sales worldwide with iconic brands and celebrities such as Jack Lalanne, Tony Little, George Foreman, and the new I-Grow hair restoration product on QVC.

Kevin has extensive experience in business all over the world, opening distribution outlets in over 100 countries worldwide. His success led Mark Burnett to hand pick Kevin to become an Original Shark on Shark Tank where he filmed over 175 segments.

In This Episode:
  • Why having an entrepreneurial mentor is important.
  • Deciding if your business idea can scale.
  • When to pivot in your business and move on.
  • How the idea for the infomerical happened.
  • What a product needs to have to actually sell.
  • Where is the future of TV marketing headed?
  • What does it take to be a shark?
  • Why you need a better pitch.

Kevin’s Favorite Quote:
“Whatever you vividly desire, ardently believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitable come to pass.” — Paul Meyers


Jul 11, 2016

After the loss of his mother when she was only 56 years old, Keith decided right then and there to live his life with no regrets.  With that “No Regrets” mantra he started the business he was always wanting to start but was too afraid, which was investing in Real Estate.

After building an 8 figure investing firm in the first two years he went on to teach thousands of other investors on the biggest stages in the country how to do the same. He then started an online education company teaching people how to raise money for their real estate deals.

With a huge learning curve to overcome as he was new to the online space he was able to figure the ins and outs and help thousands of investors with his tools. Seeing how freeing the internet was and how much impact and reach you could have online he created the Amplify Live Experience, which is a unique LIVE four day experience that teaches people how to find their mission, message, passion and purpose and how to make profits with that passion.

The top business thinkers, practitioners and executors continually speak on stage with Keith at the Amplify Live Experience a few times a year in Las Vegas. Keith prides himself on helping others learn from A to Z on how to make money online and have joy doing it!

Success without Joy is failure in Keith’s eyes, so with that end he shares and serves others to truly bring the joy in their personal and professional lives.

In This Episode:
  • Making it happen when it seems lost.
  • Finding your purpose.
  • What to consider when creating a product.
  • The biggest thing missing in success.
  • How your authenticity communicates.
  • Why its better to side hustle at first.
  • The importance in building rapport.
  • What living with “No Regrets,” really means.

Keith’s Favorite Quote:
“It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out where the strongman stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the area, who’s face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly, who errs, comes up short again and again, because there’s no effort without err and shortcoming, but who actually strives to do the deeds, who knows great enthusiasms and great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best in the end knows the triumph of high achievement  who at the worst if he fails while daring greatly, so that if he fails his place will never be with thos cold and timid souls, who neither knew victory or defeat.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Jul 8, 2016
The biggest issue for many of us is consistency and it happens to the best of us. Are you taking consistent action every day? Every hour every week? Seth Godin talks about the dip, and its what kills us; will you push through the dip or fall flat on your face? 
Jul 6, 2016

Amy Stefanik is a wife, mother, and along with her husband Matt has been on the entrepreneur roller coaster since 2002. Matt put in his time, and made it big in real estate, but in 2008, the bottom fell out of the economy, and Amy’s hard work kept the family afloat.

She created The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ to connect with like-minded, family oriented individuals who can relate to the fears and failures, thrills and triumphs that come with being an entrepreneur. She believes that the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely for spouses, and she has made it her mission to create community for other women that are pushing for greatness.

In This Episode:
  • What happens when the real estate bottom falls out?
  • Changing geography to change your luck.
  • How long does it take to be profitable?
  • The value in the entrepreneurial family.
  • Dealing with uncertainty.
  • The importance of community.

Amy’s Favorite Quote:
“She stood in the storm and when she saw the winds did not make her fall, she adjusted her sails.” — Elizabeth Edwards


Jul 4, 2016

Mark Divine is from upstate New York with a degree in economics from Colgate University and an MBA in Finance from New York University Stern School of Business. Mark’s first career was with Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers) as a Certified Public Accountant. Clients included luminous financial firms such as Solomon Brothers and Paine Weber.

Four years after joining Coopers, Mark left behind the corporate world to pursue his vision to become an elite Navy SEAL officer. At 26 he graduated as honor-man (#1 ranked trainee) of his SEAL BUD/s class number 170. Mark served for nine years total on Active Duty and eleven as a Reserve SEAL, retiring as Commander in 2011.

In 2006 he launched US Tactical, a government contracting business where he gained contracts with Naval Special Warfare Group ONE for training support and with the Navy Recruiting Command for a nationwide mentoring program for SEAL trainees. This latter program was credited with increasing the quality of Navy SEAL candidates and reducing the attrition rate at BUD/s by up to 5% and was the inspiration for SEALFIT.

Mark is an accomplished martial artist with black belts in Seido and Goju Ryu Karate, a military hand to hand combat certification in SCARS and senior ranking in Saito Nijutsu. He is teacher trained in Ashtanga Yoga, and created the innovative Unbeatable Warrior Yoga program taught to his students.

After working with thousands of special ops candidates and professionals developing mental toughness, Mark self-published his first book Unbeatable Mind in 2011 and launched the at-home study program He is also the author of The Way of the SEAL published by Readers Digest and 8 Weeks to SEALFIT published by St. Martins. 

Jul 1, 2016

All my wine drinking friends are going to love that I finally produced this episode. I spoke to a gentlemen at the gym today that talked about the terrible hangover that his drinking the previous night had caused, if only he knew the rest of what that alcohol was causing.

Beer causes more than just belly fat:
It causes a hormone that called cortisol that causes you to lose you hair, muscle and to develop a luscious gut.

What is resveritrol?
Its an amazing antioxidant and an extract from red wine that causes your body to recover that much better. However, you’d need 28 bottles of the average red wine to get enough to recover properly; about 250 mg. So, obviously this does not make wine a dietary supplement.