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Have you struggled as an entrepreneur? I have. I think we are a different breed, we work for a vision that not everyone understands; sometimes that can be a lonely journey. I have been a teacher, personal trainer and finally found my place in marketing. I enjoy helping people reach the level that they believe they can, because I believe they can get there. Through this blog, and my podcast, Create Your Own Life, I seek to help you build the business and the life that you dream of. Dream big. Its been my biggest flaw and biggest asset. In this podcast, I want to give you actionable things that you can do, not just more fluff, there's too much of that out there. CYOL will give you the steps and skills that successful entrepreneurs, business people and artists applied to create life on their terms. Are you ready for the ride? Jeremy Ryan Slate interviews inspiring entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone, Elliott Hulse, Chris Guillebeau, Patrick Bet-David, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Tony Horton, Kelly Starrett, Kevin Harrington, Walter O'Brien, Mike Dillard, Gerard Adams, JP Sears, Jon Levy, Robert Greene, Tucker Max, Tom Bilyeu & Jeff Hoffman.
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Nov 30, 2015

About Monica Guzman:
The mission of Excellence by Monica Guzman is to provide coaching services which empower professionals of all backgrounds and skill level. Based on the principles of the “Wheel of Excellence” model, this approach provides a blueprint for professionals to excel in their current role or secure a position which maximizes full potential. With a focus on presentation, attitude, behavior, and affiliation.

Monica is an executive coach; she helps others to really achieve the goals that they would not achieve without push. She is the creator of the Wheel of Excellence, a unique way of helping people achieve their goals and business expansion. Look for her upcoming eBook, "Good is not Good Enough."

The Five Mistakes Women Make in Business:

  • Talking too Much
  • Dressing Correctly
  • Qualifications
  • Not Separating Emotions from Business
  • Apologizing /Asking Permission


Monica'sFavorite Book:
No Excuses, Brian Tracy


Monica's Favorite Quote:
"Good is not good enough." -Monica Guzman


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Monica's blog on the Five Mistakes

Wheel of Excellence

Nov 27, 2015

The Minimalist Guide to Fitness:

1.) Blood Sugar + Carbohydrates
What is the Glycemic Index? There's a number attached to every carb and how it stimulates your blood sugar, be sure to know them. However helpful it is, there still is not a one size fits all option. Depending upon your ancestry, certain foods may spike you more than other people.

  1. Working out
    Its not what you think. More is not better. 20-30 minutes, 2-3 three times a week, if performed properly is all the human body needs. You'll look better than the guy spending hours in the gym.
  1. The Cheat day and the thyroid
    Learn how to carb cycle the easy way! Your body will feast on the glycogen stores that it has, and you'll be happy with the result. 6 days a week, no carbs, no fruit and for god sake, avoid the dairy, the boy wasn't made for it. If the body was made for dairy, you'd look like a cow. Well now, that explains half of society. Your meals will consist of lean protein, loads of legumes and loads of veggies. Be sure to eat enough, most people do not! If you get hungry, two table spoons of peanut butter between isn't a bad idea. On the 7th day, eat whatever you want, seriously; as much as you want. The thyroid works harder and fat loss occurs. Just be sure on the following day to go back to your lean diet.
  1. The right fats
    Is your coffee bulletproof? If your Coffee doesn't have a tablespoon of coconut oil and butter. Coconut oil, MCT and your brain, which means you will have a better morning and feel more full. Salt Free, Grass-fed Butter, not corn fed, so check your labels; even Irish butter is a good alternative.
  1. Take a Cold shower
    Benefits of taking a cold shower… Heat has really been shown to accelerate the body in burning calories; the fun part is that cold burns even more.v Michael Phelps 12,000 calories a day, not because he swims, but because the compound effect that the hot pool water has on his calorie burn. 
Nov 25, 2015

About Gigi Souritzidis:

Originally from Greece, adopted by Americans from Connecticut; a true success story. Gigi currently lives the life she dreamed of and leads others to create that same life. Her business life started as a nurse, from there, she seized the opportunity to start her own business. Gigi discusses why she decided to make the leap into being an entrepreneur and what made her so successful.


Gigi's Favorite Quote:

"Like water about to boil, the difference between success and failure is one degree."


Gigi's Recomended Reading:

The Secret's of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Ecker


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Power Profile

Nov 20, 2015

You tell others what to do in a very commanding fashion. You do no help, but demand. You do not acknowledge things going on in your team members live's and help them through. Then, you wonder why people do no respect you. This is not referring to any person in particular, but rather the archetype of what the traditional corporate world looks for in a boss.

Business leaders are beginning to learn more and more that being a good leader is about leading by example, and leading with kindness. Sound's an awful lot like Sun Tzu's 'Art of War.' It has been known for many centuries that this is the most effective way to lead, but it is not until now that corporate culture is shifting.

The 1980's are the down time for this type of image, and the inspiration for such movies as 'Office Space.' A boss like Lundberg in the film that expects his employees to work weekends while he relaxes, cracking the whip every so often to tell them to work.

Here's some traits of the new modern era leader, such a Howard Schultz:

  • The lead by example. They will not ask others to do something that they will not do themselves.
  • They believe in others more than this individuals believe in themselves.
  • They select people to work with they feel are better than themselves.
  • They acknowledge hardships in others lives and help them through.
  • They do what they say they will.
  • They build teams, not individuals. They create new leaders and are not threatened by their growth.
  • They tell others where to find information, not complete tasks for them; knowing full-well that this is how leaders are born.

If some of these traits describe you, then, well done! As a leader, you are headed in the correct direction. If it does not, then realize you need to grow and work towards being that better person that can inspire others to greatness.

Nov 18, 2015

About Stephen Baker
Stephen Baker went from a kid playing street ball in California to achieving the NFL dream/ He spent 6 years as an NFL player, all with the New York Football Giants. Stephen had an amazing experience playing in the NFL, including reaching the pinnacle of winning the Super Bowl, when the kick was ‘wide right,’ and playing for dynasty coach, Bill Parcells.


Stephen Baker's Favorite Book:
Joe Lewis biography



Links from Todays Show:

Wounded Warrior Project

Relay for Life

Stephen Baker Wikipedia

'Wide Right

Nov 17, 2015
  1. Money can be made on Amazon, but it is becoming VERY saturated
  2. Seller Support, NEVER has your back. Unless you brand register…
    1. An image of your product packaging with branding visible on the packaging.
    2. An image of a product with your branding visible on the product itself.
    3. Link to an active website that displays your brand or products.


  1. Products below $20 are crowded and if you really want to make money sell a much higher volume product.
  1. Giving away product at a reduced price no longer helps your rank very much.
 Criminals… who are you communicating to
  1. Be ethical, no matter what, but a lot of sellers are not sure what that word means.
  1. In my ten months on Amazon, I had 10 hijackers and one individual copy my entire product page and create a new ASIN with in and Amazon told me there was no TOS violations. To help with Hijackers use However, hijackers still have to agree to remove the listing.
  1. If you build a REAL business on Amazon and not skirt corners, and sell a higher value product you have a better shot.
  1. Begin with a brand in mind, not just a product.


Nov 17, 2015

John Hurd is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word. John currently runs many income properties, as well as operating a property management country. He is responsible for the largest ranch sale in Montana history. He also started a company on a bet for $1000, and ran restaurants just because he was bored.

On this episode, John reveals to us the secrets of his success and his inspiration for it. He also explains the difference between income properties and investment properties, helping you understand just what you need. John shows you just how to address your economic health!

Nov 17, 2015

Have you ever thought of creating your own life? Have you ever thought you were meant for more? Have you ever let others tell you what to do? Have you ever thought you weren't good enough. You can have the business and life that you dream of.

I learned over the last few years that others weren't going to die for me, so its best not to let them live for me too. However, we seem to let the options of others tell us what to do and dictate how we will live our lives.

This podcast seeks to be the ultimate business lifestyle podcast. It stems from a conversation that I had with my father where he talked about the typical 40 year, 9-5 and I decided I wanted to create my own life. There have been some bumps in the road, and I'll share those with you, al long with actionable information from guest that have built million dollar businesses and freedom lifestyles.

The purpose of this podcast is to inspire you with the wins and success of others and show you by their example how to create your own life. You never know what is possible, and now can create your own life. You will be inspired and create not only success for your self but an abundance you can share with others.